During the last shambolic elections in the DRC where Tshisekedi was seeking a second five-year term in office, he made wild childish and baseless accusations against Rwanda, and many empty threats that he cannot keep. He mindlessly threatened to attack Kigali and effect regime change. That is laughable on its face. How? Not now, not ever.

Commenting on the last election, the Archbishop of Kinshasa described it as a “gigantic, organized mess.” Former President Kabila snubbed the messily organized inauguration. So did Moise Katumbi, another presidential contender.

After five years in power, and nothing to show for it, this rotunda of a man has become the laughing stock of the neighborhood and a sad disappointment to the Congolese people. He is the poster boy of bad and ineffective governance — DRC’s worst president. An embarrassment to African leadership.

President Felix Tshisekedi of DR Congo

Under his rule, the DRC is no better off than it was at independence in 1960. So to cover up his shortcomings, malfeasance in office, and run away corruption, Tshisekedi is helplessly looking for a scapegoat. He blames his failures on alleged Rwanda support of M23, ignoring the fact that the KINYARWANDA speaking Congolese have every right to be where they are as much as he does. He ignores the fact that there are over 260 militia groups in the DRC that his rag-tag, un-paid, poorly trained and led army has failed to fight and, later on, defeat. And his answer? He has hired foreign highly paid mercenaries who are milking the national treasury dry.

Moise Kapenda Tshombe, another clownish Congolese politician, must be laughing in his grave.

If truth be told, Tshisekedi has no claim or right to the presidency but for his famous father, Etienne Tshisekedi who was a three-time Prime Minister in the 1990s, and gallantly and fearlessly opposed President Mobutu.

Like a scorned woman Tshisekedi has resorted to name-calling, comparing President Kagame to Hitler and inciting Congolese to kill Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese. He openly encourages ethnic cleansing. During his election rallies he pimped himself to the electorate for re-election, and the poor Congolese fell for it.

President Felix Tshisekedi of DR Congo

But who is Felix Tshisekedi ? He claims to have obtained a “pass” grade for a “degree in marketing and communication” in Belgium even though there are no records to prove that. Rumors of “forged qualifications” continue to this day. Listening to his speeches you have to question the value of his “communication” training.

While Paul Kagame was waging war to liberate Rwanda and end our exile and statelessness, Tshisekedi was living in Brussels delivering pizza, driving a cab and doing all sorts of odd jobs to make ends meet. Nothing wrong with honest work, but nobody is entitled to mindless rhetoric and endless daydreaming.

While campaigning to get a second five year term in office, Tshisekedi threatened to invade Rwanda, an obvious incitement to gain votes. He said, “I will request parliament and Congress to authorize a declaration of war. We will march on Kigali.” Talk is cheap. Even Rwanda’s National Police did not take this bombastic BS seriously.

See, Tshisekedi barks more than he can bite.

President Macron of France has repeatedly told Tshisekedi to stop blaming Rwanda for his gargantuan failure to govern. This advice fell on deaf ears. Meantime, DRC’s economy has tanked, its infrastructure is in ruins, the civil service is awash in corruption. In the middle of all this malaise the Chinese are looting DRC’s natural resources because they have hoodwinked Tshisekedi who is personally benefitting from the ridiculously un-balanced mineral contracts with the Chinese. And there is no end in sight.

FDLR rebels in Eastern DRC

Tshisekedi’s alliance with the murderous genocidal FDLR, responsible for the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, tells you what manner of man he is: devoid of moral values and clueless about leadership. His calls for ethnic cleansing during his campaign rallies is proof that this man will stoop to any level to cling on to power. His open and shameless cavorting with Rwanda’s enemies is proof enough that he will dance with the devil if it serves his purposes.

War mongering will not benefit the Congolese people, and threats of “marching” on Kigali is suicidal talk that is not becoming of a leader. It would surely be a short cut to the end of a failed and weak regime. The Congolese people would be the beneficiaries.