Treason is a crime of betraying one’s country, treachery, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Theogene “Redcom” Rudasingwa is guilty of all these, and then some. Let me explain.

Whenever a story breaks out in the media concerning Rwanda, Rudasingwa has appointed himself the arbiter. It is a position he is ill-suited for, does not deserve, not to mention that he is a convicted felon and a fugitive from justice.

In 2011 Rudasingwa was convicted on 6 charges and given 24 years imprisonment, but escaped the country and has been on the run ever since, and now resides in the Washington, D.C. area. If anybody sees him, feel free to call the U.S. NATIONAL CENTRAL BUREAU – INTERPOL : 202-616-9000.

REWARD : Inyambo.

Among the charges are, deserting the army, forming a terrorist group, threatening State security, undermining public order, promoting ethnic divisions and insulting the person of the President.

Stupidity is not a crime, in any jurisdiction as far as I know.

In a recent article dated March 6, 2019 titled “Closure of Rwanda-Uganda Border A Deliberate Pretext To Execute An Existing Kigali Plan” Rudasingwa not only makes up childish stories but further compounds his treasonous conduct, void of reason or logic.

As far as I know, Rudasingwa is a teetotaler. So, why does he do this? He has been on the run and in self-imposed exile since 2004. I have never been in exile, but I am told it is a tough life, especially when you do not have a steady income and, in Redcom’s position, you have to constantly look over your shoulder. This pressure can compromise your state of mind.

Rudasingwa is also beholden to his financiers (Rujugiro, et al) as well as his handlers. He also struggles to remain “relevant”, constantly appealing to his base by demonizing Rwanda and all things Rwandan. In his small wicked and demented mind this makes him a “specialist” on Rwanda, a basis on which he sought and was granted asylum in the U.S.

In his many speeches to mostly ill-informed audiences about Rwanda and our history, and in many articles he publishes in anti-Rwanda forums Rudasingwa never fails to mention that he was at one time Rwanda’s Ambassador to the U.S., former Secretary General of the RPF, former Chief of Staff to President Kagame.

In other words, without these he would be nothing, because he is even not qualified to practice his trade. Not even in Haiti, I dare say.

For all the positions he has occupied, Rudasingwa had to take a pledge of allegiance, to protect and defend Rwanda and keep all her secrets intact. Standard protocols for all who occupy sensitive and important government positions.

What does Rudasingwa do in the article mentioned above? He breaks all the rules, trashes decency by discussing, allegedly, missions that President Kagame sent him on. Who does that?


In his small mind Rudasingwa thinks this buys him favors in his cabal of mainly genocidaires, genocide deniers and negationists.

A village in Rwanda is missing its idiot.

Rwanda has moved on since 1994, attempting to create a homogeneous society in which every Rwandan is entitled to his or her rights, regardless of his station in life or ethnicity. But Rudasingwa seeks to propagate the very philosophy that was the basis of the genocide against Tutsi in 1994, and prior, by alleging that Rwanda today is the domain, his words not mine, of an “all-Tutsi cast of military officers.”

He goes on to say, “From the much I know about General Kagame and Rwanda’s secrets …”

If this is not treason, then Jesus Christ did not die on the cross.

Rudasingwa was one of the founders of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a ragtag conglomeration of losers. He now refers to them as “a loose amalgam of extremist individuals or groups full of militaristic wishful thinking, lacking ideological depth and coherence, with no operational capability to remove him (KAGAME) from power …”

Surprise? Not at all. There is no honor among village idiots and traitors. Yes, I said it.

Addressing the National Leaders Retreat today, President Kagame said, “There is something that is impossible – that cannot happen to me and I wish it shouldn’t happen to our country. Nobody, anywhere, can bring me to my knees. Absolutely not.”

Need I say more?

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Yes, before the Catholic Church becomes irrelevant and people start shying away from it in droves.

The other day the most senior Catholic cleric ever charged with child sex abuse was convicted of molesting two choir boys and faces up to 50 years in the slammer.

Cardinal George Pell, 77, the Australian prelate was until now Pope Francis’ top financial adviser and the Vatican’s economy minister, and I hear one of Francis’ most trusted friends.

Show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of man you are. Ring a bell?

What is concerning is that child sex abuse has been going on in the Catholic Church for centuries, and no matter how much we are told that steps are being taken to quell this felonious behavior nothing has changed.

Cardinal Pell’s crimes are most shocking. He is alleged to have molested the young lads following serving holly communion, and in his pool, going back to the 1970s.

As he was leaving the courthouse following the verdict, one man was heard shouting, “You’re a monster, and you are going to burn in hell, you freak.”

Much as I don’t believe in heaven or hell, my sentiments exactly.

My beef with Pope Francis is that he is all talk and no action. He became Pope on March 13, 2013 but six years later this predatory conduct within the church has not abated.

Talk is cheap.

Worse still, the culprits are moved from their dioceses and sheltered at the Vatican to, allegedly, be rehabilitated. Give me a break. Just as priests accused of culpability in the genocide against Tutsi in 1994 were given shelter behind the imposing walls of the Vatican to escape the long arm of the law.

Is this not collusion in a criminal enterprise?

True, Pope Francis is the first Pope ever to publicly acknowledge the problem of priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns as well as children. So what? This age old criminal conduct continues un-abated among the ranks of priests as well as the reprehensible abuse of children.

And all Pope Francis has to say is that we need to “prepare their souls (the culprits) for eternal judgement.” No shit.

And he continues, “Often behind their boundless amiability, impeccable activity and angelic faces, they shamelessly conceal a vicious wolf-ready stance to devour innocent souls.”

But Francis has long failed to understand the gravity of the scandal that threatens the church and his other priorities. He has taken little concrete action to solve the problem.

Pope Francis needs a reality check when it comes to sex abuse.

Anne Barrett Doyle, Co-Director of that tracks clergy sex abuse cases had this to say, “At a moment that cries for visionary leadership and radical change, the Pope is indulging in make-believe and misdirection.”

Is this not what happens when you deprive men and women of their natural right to sexuality and procreation? Just because things have been this way for ages does not justify preserving the status quo, especially when there is no logic or rhyme to the philosophy, or even any spiritual basis for celibacy.

Pope Francis has on more than one occasion threatened to resign. His failure to end criminal conduct among his brethren may be reason good enough to justify resignation.

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TRUMP : Un-fit for the presidency – the verdict is in.

When he run for the presidency in 2016, nobody thought Donald Trump could win his party’s nomination — not even Melania Trump – and later on defeat Hilary Clinton.

But stranger things have happened. Trump’s eventual victory brought into serious question the American system of democracy, where one candidate wins the majority vote but loses the election. Clinton got 3 million votes more than Trump, but alas, today Trump sits in the Oval Office.

America will never be the same again, as each day brings a new scandal and through his barrage of badly written and misspelled tweets Trump re-assures and invigorates racists and bigots to take to the streets.

If he wins a second term, and the possibility is real, because nobody in their right mind could have predicted a Trump presidency, America is fucked.

Our institutions will be wrecked. The environment will be destroyed beyond recognition. American stature abroad will suffer a blacker eye. And racism and bigotry will reign supreme as Trump presides over the worst presidency in American history.

Thirty years after the Berlin Wall came tumbling down (November 9, 1989), Donald Trump is throwing daily temper tantrums over the refusal of Congress to approve funding for the building of his racist wall on the U.S. southern border with Mexico. This in spite of many studies that show a wall will never stop immigrants/migrants seeking to enter the country fleeing persecution in their own countries, and seeking better lives here.

It is as if Trump has never comprehended the words writ large on the Statue of Liberty that he can clearly see from his TRUMP TOWER – “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

It is incomprehensible, all this by a man whose last two wives are immigrants who entered the country, allegedly under dubious circumstances.

To understand Donald Trump you have to listen to what his staff, aides and former advisers have to say about him. You can’t make this stuff up.

Gen Jim Mattis, former Defense Secretary was reported as saying that Trump has the understanding of “ a fifth or sixth grader.” This came after Trump questioned why the government is spending resources to maintain a U.S. presence in the Korean Peninsula. To which Gen Mattis simply answered, “In order to stop WW III”.

Gen John Kelly, former WHite House Chief of Staff called his boss an “idiot” and “unhinged.”

Not to be outdone, Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, and Reince Priebus, former Chief of Staff have reportedly both called Trump an “idiot.” A word that seems to persist in describing this wreck of a president.

Former National Security Adviser, Gen H.R. McMaster is reported to have called Trump a “dope.”

The dictionary defines “dope” as a stupid person, a nincompoop, buffoon or blockhead. Take your pick.

The icing on the cake came from former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who in July 2017 reportedly called his boss a “moron”. He denies it. Who wouldn’t.

How we navigate the remaining two years of Trump’s presidency is anybody’s guess. But something needs to be done to save the Republic.

I hope Bob Mueller reads this.

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The other day one of President Donald Trump’s oldest friends and staunch ally, Roger Stone was nabbed by the FBI in a dramatic early morning raid at his house in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This brings to six former Trump senior advisers to be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Never before has the American presidency faced such a crisis of confidence, not even when criminal conduct under President Richard Nixon was directed from the Oval Office.

One thing however that Roger Stone failed to learn from his mentor and hero Richard Nixon is that a cover up is worse than the crime itself.

To date, 26 Russian nationals, 3 Russian companies, 1 Californian man and 1 London-based lawyer have been indicted by the Special Counsel.

Not once in the two years that President Trump has been in office have polls shown him to be above fifty percent approval rate, the worst rating of any American President in the nation’s history.

Meantime, Trump tweets to no end about how he cannot be indicted because he is doing “ a good job” and has done no wrong, and there is no “collusion with Russia.” But evidence is mounting to justify Trump’s impeachment, and consensus across these United States about Trump’s unfitness to hold office is rampant.

The charges against Trump associates and advisers is a sprawling set of allegations, encompassing both election interference charges against overseas Russians, and various crimes by Trump advisers.

America’s reputation abroad among allies has never been shaken to the core like today, and Trump’s own personal rating is abysmal. He has in fact become a laughing stock and source of material for late night comedians.

Never before has an American president ever been suspected of working for Russians. But Trump’s failure to criticize President Putin is highly suspect, leading many to believe that Putin may have goods on Trump.

Adding to all the mess and leadership crisis, Trump spearheaded the shutdown of the Federal Government over failure to obtain funding of his racist wall on America’s southern border with Mexico, leaving 800,000 Federal workers without a paycheck for thirty five days. Not surprising: Trump is known for stiffing his workers at his failed casinos.

While many nations around the globe are busy building bridges to bring nations and cultures closer, Trump’s desire to build a wall on the U.S. southern border is proof of his racism and bigotry that not even Republicans support.

If the man lasts another two years American democracy will suffer immensely, and it will take decades to correct all the blunders that have been imposed on the country.

Never before has one man ever done so much damage to so many people. But, people get the President they deserve.

Trump singlehandedly hoodwinked the American citizenry to believe in all his racist, half baked ideals and moronic policies that are nearly bringing this great Republic to its knees.

It is frightening that he may stand a chance for a second term. Moving to Havana, or even Caracas never seemed so appealing.

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In four days we will enter the new year. It behooves us then to look back and take stock of what we achieved in 2018, and where we fell short as a Nation, and as A People whose past has not always been easy.

Unless you know where you have been, you cannot chart a meaningful course ahead.

Our challenges have always been hard, but our suffering has provided priceless lessons, and our resilience a good foundation upon which to make decisive and meaningful decisions.

This could not have been achieved without good leadership, both at URUGWIRO, in our government institutions, and no less in the RDF — a force that makes us all proud, and our detractors think twice before they try childish, suicidal missions to destabilize us, but mostly to deflect attention from their incompetence and misrule.

No amount of noise, heckling or periodic hit and run ambushes on our borders can draw Rwanda into premature conflicts. This should however never be construed as a sign of weakness. All oportions are on the table, to defend and protect our sovereignty.

As we negotiate for friendly relations with our neighbors, we must plan for when those negotiations falter and lethal force is necessary and morally justified.

In a word, the State of our Republic is strong.

In 2018 we made amazing and impressive achievements;

African Heads of State unanimously selected President Kagame chairman of the AU: to streamline and improve the organization. This was a resounding vote of confidence in his leadership, and a recognition of Rwanda’s stature on the international scene.

Mr. President, I salute you.

As if that was not enough, Louise Mushikiwabo was elected to head Francophone countries — a sweet and strategic coup for Rwanda that will go far in normalizing relations with France.

That in 2009 Rwanda joined The British Commonwealth, with no prior ties to the UK speaks volumes about our strategy and philosophical genius. Those who underestimate us need to go slow.

In 2020 Rwanda will host The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. If Rwanda was unstable, badly governed, why would other Heads of State agree to come here? Such silly talk.

The Rwanda Convention Bureau reports that they hosted 201 events in 2018, bringing in $52 million in revenue, and well over 35,000 international delegates.

Akagera National Park saw 37,284 visitors, bringing in $1.6 million.

Rwanda Air, our jewel and pride, keeps bracing the blue skies.

Our economy struggles on , alas with un-realistic interest rates. I am sure the powers that be are paying attention. Meaningful economic development cannot happen under these conditions.

Housing prices are un-realistically high. Correct me if I am wrong. If foreigners with big money continue buying prized real estate, Rwandans will forever be barred from the market. We are a small country with not much land. We must not continue selling that which is in limited supply.

We must at all times be self-critical. We have not come this far blindfolded.

With foresightedness, good will and without arrogance of success, 2019 promises to be a good year.

As I prepare to return to Texas, after a thrilling two months in Kigali, I am tempted to use the cliche: I LEFT MY HEART IN RWANDA. I leave assured, more than ever before that we are on the right course and the days ahead are going to be brighter.

This much I know: we are better off today than ever before. Our leadership is better than it has ever been, and more responsive to the needs and aspirations of Rwandans.

And yes, I still believe God returns to spend the nights in Rwanda.

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Before I delve into this let me get something off my chest : no amount of ill-will, across our borders and abroad will crush our resolve and determination to re-build Rwanda.

Those who seek to dictate to Rwanda how we should be governed need to know it will not work. All decisions about policy and governance will originate in Kigali. We are an independent and sovereign nation who must be respected — a People whose destiny is steeped in our pride and resilience.

Calling us an “enemy” and all the silly hollow bombastic heckling in Bujumbura does not phase us or cause us sleepless nights. It never has, and never will. And I say this at the risk of ruffling feathers among my in-laws. But it is a message that must be delivered.

After all, we have come from the abyss under our own steam, and Rwanda today is better off, socially, economically and otherwise than it has ever been throughout our tortured history.

Never before in the history of our republic have Rwandans been as cohesive as they are today.

Last night I was trying to convince a fellow Rwandan visiting from Seattle, Washington over a drink at Pilipili, (one of Kigali’s favorite hangouts) that in spite of so many flaws we have made incredible strides.  Rwandans, especially in the diaspora, must have patience and faith in our ability to succeed, or return and be part of the solution(s).

No, Rwanda is not a Utopia, but we are on the right course. I hear that even in heaven there is not complete harmony, much as this is loose talk because nobody has ever visited and returned to narrate this story.

To my point, and observations:

Kigali’s vibrancy and well planned infrastructure is impressive. I dare say one of the best on the continent.

But “Boda Bodas” or “motors” as they are popularly known are slowly, but surely strangling the City. One notices the indiscipline of the operators — an obvious public hazard that needs to be reigned in. These motors are a convenient form of transportation to the average citizen, but there are way too many. Surely we do not want to replicate the chaos one sees in Kampala.

A few years back, Rwanda joined the British Commonwealth — an act of defiance that sent a message to France that complicity in the genocide against Tutsi was noted. I have observed, (not amused) that French influence is still with us. There is nothing wrong being bilingual, but why do we sheepishly  mimic French ways as if we don’t have our own? Why do people use French, or even English, in private conversations? Sadly some among us think this is a sign of “sophistication”. Not.

One habit that I find silly, and un-Rwandan, is kissing or pecking while greeting one another. What the hell.

But I protest too much. 

Culture and traditions ought to change with times. Just because things have been a certain way for ages is no justification to continue. I am talking about lavish and seemingly constant weddings that deplete people’s limited resources. How about contributing to the newlyweds future home and prosperity instead of incurring debts to compete with each other? The “planning committees” are such a laughable waste of time that should be relegated to the dustbin. I am sorry.

Every time I call an old friend I have not seen in a while to get together, they are either going to a wedding committee or wedding, or funeral. Have I been away too long ?

The measure of success lies in the ability to constantly examine one’s ways and readjusting one’s compass. Rwanda has come this far by so doing, and our future much depends on our ability to self-critic and making necessary changes, hard as they may be.


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UMUSHYIKIRANO: A sign of a vibrant and strong democracy

In the last three weeks I have been in Kigali I have noticed a sense of pride and ownership in the citizenry that is really indicative of the new spirit and soul of the New Rwanda.

My discussions with Rwandans of all walks of life have convinced me that Rwanda is headed in the right direction, because the conviction that we are all Rwandans, rejecting past ethnic-based politics, has taken root, permanently.

We constantly hear the empty assertions, mostly by foreigners, and enemies of Rwanda, especially those in self-imposed exile and fugitives from justice tagging along, that Rwanda lacks “political space.” Whatever that means.

In a word, many are not comfortable that Rwanda has chosen to defy conventional thinking and gone on its way to define her course. The world wrote us off in 1994, but we refused to crumble. And we will NOT.

Those who espouse this nonsensical argument have obviously never been to UMUSHYIKIRANO – the National Dialogue which I attended today in its 16th year.

Where else in Africa, or in the world, do citizens have the right and opportunity to grill their President, Ministers and other government officials on matters of policy, failed promises and a chance to make suggestions of needed changes? This is uniquely Rwandan and a home-grown forum to resolve our problems that should make every Rwandan proud.

I watched the Minister of Local Government, a brilliant and savvy academician being grilled by the President, and he held his own, and it made me doubly sure that our democracy and governance is alive and well.

Those outside Rwanda who think they can dictate what ought to be done in Rwanda are sadly mistaken. Our solutions will be designed and crafted in Kigali, and executed by Rwandans. Washington, Paris or any other foreign power will not dictate to us. Rwanda is small, but we are not small-minded people, and as a people we don’t accept dictates from others.

Underestimating the will and resolve of Rwandans can be a challenge that comes with a cost. After all, where were these  critics and naysayers in 1994 when the whole world turned a blind eye in our hour of darkness in 1994 and we were dying by the thousands daily.

In the recent weeks, some U.S. Senators tried to interfere with our justice system when the Rwigara case was ongoing. How dare they ? The American system is no better than ours, with 2.3 million people incarcerated, most of them black, and for anybody to assume that we can be intimidated is too presumptuous.

We are a an independent and sovereign country, and so shall we remain.

The recent release of Ingabire, and Rwigara’s acquittal proves that Rwanda’s justice system works. The fact that so many genocidaires have been extradited from Sweden, Canada and the U.S. is proof enough that the international community has faith that the rule of law is alive and well in Rwanda.

Those who think that Rwanda’s justice system can be influenced by foreign pressure have it all wrong. We have not come this far by intimidation.

UMUSHYIKIRANO defines our sense and pride in our governance. The resilience of the Rwandan people is the foundation of our Republic, and the prescription of that which we must overcome. Our best days are ahead.

As I plan to return to my adopted home, I leave with a fortified heart, and conviction of mind that the state of our Nation, is good and strong. Never before, have so many owed so much to one man: Paul Kagame has brought us this far, with good governance, foresightedness and nerves of steel that instill fear in our enemies.

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RWANDA IS ROCKING – Our Critics can go hang

I arrived in Kigali two weeks ago, after a year’s absence, and as always I am blown away by the amazing and constant changes and progress one sees all over Kigali, and across this land of A Thousand Hills.

There is a deep, tangible, moving, and touching sense of purpose that is uniquely Rwandan. I am biased by my uncompromising love of Rwanda. But, so be it.

Patriotism is no vice.

In the words of President Kagame, “We cannot turn our clock back, but we have the power to determine the future.”

Indeed we do, and I have seen proof of it by attending the RWANDA EXPO the other day, where “MADE IN RWANDA” is the theme that ought to make every Rwandan proud of what has been achieved in the last two decades. Home grown solutions has become king. Local industries are on the rise, and small businesses that are the backbone of any economy are flourishing.

Rwandans today are better off than they have ever been in our history. Facts do not lie.

I have also been talking to the man on the street, and my friends and colleagues in government and private industry. What I have seen and heard makes me walk a little taller with my head high.

Which brings me to the point: Rwanda’s critics and detractors ought to come home and see Rwanda’s transformation for themselves or forever hold their peace. The Himbaras and Rusesabaginas of this world really ought to take a walk in the forest and do what they ought to do. Their failure to acknowledge that the music has changed and Rwandans have moved on is their undoing.

The taste is in the pudding.

How clean Kigali is has become a tired cliche, much as it speaks to a concerted and visionary spirit of the new Rwanda. But there is much more than clean streets and new towering structures that meets the eye.

The infrastructure is intact, and there is constant work in progress across this land.

Service delivery is improving like never before. Government services are swift and efficient. But, let’s not relax. There is room for improvement.

But more impressive is the spirit and sense of ownership one encounters among average folk. It speaks to the determination and change of thinking among the populace since those Dark 100 days in 1994.

In the words of my taxi man who has been driving me around Kigali, “Mzee has given us a sense of self worth.” Simply put, AGACIRO.

What you see in Kigali and across this land of ours reminds me of what Albert Camus said, “Without culture and the relative freedom it implies, society even when perfect, is but a jungle.”

Indeed, a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and souls of its people. On a continent where much is in chaos and needs, in the words of my good friend and maverick Professor P.L.O. Lumumba “political hygiene”. Rwandans have much to be proud of.

I asked a Boda Boda man what makes him proud about Rwanda, and his answer was heartwarming, “We are free and making progress.”

In a word, all this could not have been possible but for good governance and visionary leadership under President Kagame and RPF’s unshakeable and uncompromising leadership.

That President Kagame was selected to reorganize and streamline the African Union is a fact that cannot be ignored, or taken lightly. It is a badge of honor for Rwanda, and all Rwandans.

Let our detractors talk. We are moving on.

We cannot, and must not default, because future generations would not judge us kindly.

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In a recent letter dated October 14, 2018, (and third one, without a response) to President Emmanuel Macron of France,  Rudasingwa pleads with Macron to pay attention to “the plight of the Rwandan people.”

Like a scorned woman whose lover ignores her advances, Rudasingwa pleads for attention in what has become nothing but rambling and annoying, desperate pleas of a tragic figure.

After well over a decade of self-imposed exile, the ravages of time and financial hardships are beginning to take hold, hence the constant and desperate attempts to remain a player in a political landscape that has changed but Rudasingwa fails to acknowledge same.

Poor man refuses to realize that when the music  changes, so does the dance.

One would think that when one writes to a Head of State, you would try and be polite and observe all decorum. Not “Redcom.” He refers to the “uneasy conscience of the French people with regard to Rwanda, and the ambiguous response of the French Government that oscillates between a silence born of guilt, and measures that point to succumbing to Kigali’s blackmail.”

For the first time, and I am sure un-intentionally, Rudasingwa agrees that the French had a role, and were indeed complicit, in the genocide against Tutsi.

In this latest letter Rudasingwa expresses, ad nauseum, an overwhelming obsession with the downing of Habyarimana’s presidential jet. He refers to it as the “unresolved question of who is responsible for the shooting down of the plane…”

But in the same breath he says, “French Prosecutors demanded to the investigating judge in the case of shooting down of the plane … to be dropped due to “insufficient evidence.”

Speaking in this reptelian manner has become Rudasingwa’s signature.

Investigation after investigation have resolved this question and the world has moved on. Not Rudasingwa, in an obvious and shameless attempt to remain relevant to his core base of psycophants and lackeys.

I wish someone would remind the brother that if you want to be respected, you must respect yourself. Which reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s words; “A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Alas.

That Rudasingwa believes, or continues to propagate the notion that the downing of Habyarimana’s plane “was the firing shot that triggered the subsequent genocide” is both unnerving, grossly dishonest and proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the man is unhinged and in need of urgent psychological care. I am not a physician, but I don’t think I am off mark here.

I respect every individuals’ right to their own opinion, but you cannot go around making your own facts. At this, Rudasingwa has become a ninja. And not a good one.

He writes; “Western powers, notably the United States and the United Kingdom, out of guilt and geostrategic interests, have cushioned President Kagame’s regime from accountability.”

Who can believe this nonsense that Rwanda has the power to influence the big powers like Rudasingwa claims? He ought to be reminded of the African proverb: A fish wouldn’t get into trouble if it kept its mouth shut.

According to Rudasingwa Rwanda has been in a state of “political crisis that began in 1959.” One would have to forgive him because he has not been in the country for over a decade, and remains a fugitive from justice. But he reads, and I am sure he watches news, so ignorance is no excuse. But what must not be forgiven are treasonous and seditious utterances from a grown man. There are consequences for such bad, pedestrian behavior.

Rwandans do forgive. We don’t forget.

Rudasingwa concludes his pleas and bromance with President Macron after castigating him for “dark spots in France’s imperial history (Algeria, Indochina) to galvanize anti-French emotions in Africa and beyond” by saying that “Any French leader who fails to recognize this basic lesson will ultimately put himself/herself on the wrong side of history …”

The noisiest drum has nothing but air inside. And a talkative bird will not build a nest. Sadly, for Rudasingwa time is running out.




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Louise Mushikiwabo, our foreign affairs minister was recently elected to head a community of 84 French-speaking countries with a population of 274 million around the world.

This is not only a personal achievement for Mushikiwabo, but a great and resounding win for Rwanda.

German Ambassador  to Rwanda, Dr Peter Woeste put it best when he said that Mushikiwabo’s victory is “an expression of the amazing worldwide reputation of you personally and also a great recognition of the role Rwanda plays internationally.”

If this was music I would not get off the floor.

The soft-spoken but no-nonsense Mushikiwabo is an example of a new breed of leadership that Rwanda has cultivated in the last 24 years. Indeed, a shinning example of a Rwandan woman.

Say what you want, she has performed well and with confidence on the world stage, never shying away from telling all that will listen that decisions about Rwanda’s journey can only originate in Kigali.

And her performance represents Rwanda’s determination to make gender equality a reality. With 64% of parliamentarians being women, Rwanda has shown the world that our home grown solutions are working, and we shall continue to use them as we see fit.

To Rwanda’s critics and haters this must have been a bitter pill to swallow, because it puts to rest all their shannanigans and fake stories that all is not well in Kigali.


That 84 countries had confidence to hand Rwanda this awesome responsibility is a vote of confidence in Rwanda’s democratic governance, leadership and an acknowledgment of how carefully and peacefully Rwanda has maneuvered around the seemingly insurmountable obstacles since 1994.

One cannot ignore or belittle France’s support. Not only is this an indication that Rwanda and France are well on the way to making peace and a lasting cordial relationship, it speaks volumes about President Kagame’s style of leadership and President Macron’s ability and willingness to take corrective action since France’s role during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

Even though Rwanda replaced French with English as the official language in 2008 and joined the British Commonwealth, it is to the credit of strong and forward looking leadership of presidents of France and Rwanda that we have reached this milestone.

It has been a tough and challenging 24 years since the re-birth of Rwanda, and the road ahead is still challenging.

But Mushikiwabo’s election validates the fact that under President Kagame Rwanda has risen and is shinning again, with clean and incorruptible men and women. It speaks volumes to the vibrancy of our democracy and the resilience of Rwandans, as well as our solid institutions.

The state of our Republic is strong.


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