TRUMP : A convicted felon and a Presidential candidate

TRUMP : A convicted felon and a Presidential candidate

When Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the United States, was charged with 34 felony counts for falsifying business records to disguise a $130,000 payment to silence a porn star with whom he had a sexual relationship while his wife, Melania, was pregnant with their first son, Barron, the American myth that “nobody is above the law” went through the window.

I am not making this up. Follow me.

Time and time again during the seven-week trial in New York that just ended yesterday with a conviction on all 34 criminal counts, Trump defied the court, called Judge Juan Merchan all sorts of names, racially taunted the black District Attorney prosecuting him, and made all sorts of racist and childish dog whistles. Yet, nobody dared to throw the book at him.

Vintage Trump. Certainly, NOT a Statesman. Village Elders are wiser.

Is this the best America has to offer?

I have a theory. Just a theory, but consider it, nonetheless, for what it is worth. Trump is incensed by the fact that in all the four pending cases against him, one down, all the Prosecutors are black — two women, and one big, hefty black brother in New York. Hello! I know it is this fact that bothers the hell out of him. It keeps him awake if you ask me. If only Melania could tell us. Oooops, I forgot, they sleep in separate bedrooms. Can you blame her?

This one is NOT a theory. Trump has a thing about being tried by judges who are not white. Especially Hispanic. Judge Juan Merchan was born in Bogota, Colombia and a graduate of Baruch College, Maurice, is a former Dean of the School of Law at Hofstra University. The Don has a history of racist biases. Here are a few:

Trump thinks Obama was born in Kenya. Not. Trump calls former Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, of Indian ancestry, “bird brain”. Racist, but she still supports him! He calls Mexican Immigrants rapists and criminals. He called the wife of Sen McConnell, a member of his Cabinet, born in China, a name that I refuse to repeat. He calls President Biden “sleepy Joe” and “crooked.”. Yet during this recently concluded trial he was caught napping and farting, much to the consternation of the Jurors. I lie, not.

Folks, it is not looking good for the American justice system, or American democracy, I swear. I don’t know how much fumigation it will take to cleanse the system of Trumpism and the abysmal disregard for the rule of law that this criminal defendant has inflicted on this, “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.”

America has an egg on its face right now as we deal with this man-child.

During the seven week trial, we saw Donald Trump at his lowest. Childish, classless, rural, pedestrian, and racist to the core. The man thinks he is above the law, and he can make his own facts as he goes along. The system enables him.

The question is why does he get away with it?

In the words of his Niece, Mary Trump, a practicing Clinical Psychologist, “Donald has never been held accountable for anything in his life.” And it shows.

Stay with me. Let me show you how the Trump Circus has gripped the Nation for the last seven weeks.

In 248 years, no American president or former president has ever been charged with a felony. Richard Nixon (“Tricky Dick”) came close, but he had the decency or presence of mind to resign before he could be charged with a multitude of felonies.

For the record: Nixon resigned. Clinton was impeached. But Donald J. Trump has faced multiple investigations, including the Mueller probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Ukraine scandal. But he continues to stink up the air with his BS. And the networks give him air.

There is a chance, God forbid, he may become the 47th President. The idea of immigrating to Haiti or Bangladesh is tempting.

Did I mention that Trump has filed for bankruptcy six times? He says, “I am really rich,” but could not post a bond for the $458 million judgment still pending. No surety company would entertain him.

Now, tell me, is this man fit for office? Has his moral compass been calibrated lately? I don’t think so. There is no evidence to give him the benefit of the doubt. None, whatsoever.

Yesterday’s whopping judgment took the nation by surprise. In nine hours, Trump’s peers unanimously found him guilty, as they should have. But he won’t shut the hell up. He is inciting the public to rise up. Like a high school bully, he knows not when to be decent.

Next time anybody dares to accuse my Motherland of being undemocratic, I will neither respond nor give the accusation any oxygen. Trump has promised, if he wins re-election, to create a “united Reich”.

Go figure.