Ezra BUNYENYEZI – Adios, my Friend, fare thee well

Ezra BUNYENYEZI – Adios, my Friend, fare thee well

This morning in the wee hours of this pandemic-ravaged Great State of Texas, here in Austin, the sad news of Ezra’s passing shattered the calmness of my somber morning. It is news that did not take me by surprise, but it still rings on, resoundingly hollow.

The good die young. And why does it have to be so? That is a question that is as old as time.

It is surprising how surprised I am by Ezra’s passing. I expected it because his ailment had defied medical science. But my mind keeps telling me I do not have to accept it. It is so painful. So horribly final

See, Ezra had many lives like that legendary cat. He was by no means a quitter. His body quit on him after a long struggle with cancer, that treacherous thief that keeps depriving us of loved ones. Time and time again.

Ezra Bunyenyezi

The man’s achievements were many, but so were his failings. In spite of this, he soldiered on and accomplished much, financially and in as hundreds of friends that today are walking under gloomy clouds ushered in by the passing of one we will not see often among friends left behind. There was only one Ezra Bunyenyezi.

But Ezra did not go down easily. He fought hard and long, defiant and he never let his loved Family lose hope. In vintage Ezra style, he saw good and hope in the days ahead. Few of us do.

He knew his days were numbered, and took it all in stride. Alas, his legendary hilarious jokes became fewer and spaced towards the end.

I had the privilege of visiting him and Chantal, his life-long wife, friend and partner two years ago. Though weak and challenged, Ezra was his usual self — loving, giving and generous to a fault. His wicked sense of humor ever so intact.

He loved life, and lived it fully. I shall forever be grateful for having called him my friend. My brother. I am a better man for it.

Ezra’s life was a blessing, his memory will be a treasure to behold. And in this our dark hour I am reminded of the words Jim Reeves bellowed out so beautifully, “There will be peace in the valley for me some day.” Sing them out and loud, Ezra. You are now at peace, in the company of Dad and Mom, and John, and Jack, and Winnie, and Emmanuel.

Damn it. A life we loved is stilled. But those we love don’t go away — they are simply unheard, but always near.

In the words of an Unknown Author

“ If only we could

know the reason

Why they went

We’d smile and

Wipe away the

tears that flow

And wait content.”

To Ezra’s beautiful, elegant wife and friend Chantal, to his children, and Family, hold on and hold out and savor the words, “ Birds sing after a storm: why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them.”