In the words of Bob Marley, the legendary Jamaican music sensation, “the harder they come, the harder they fall.”

I last encountered Rusesabagina on January 10 this year in the city of San Antonio where he resides when he is not gallivanting all over the world planning his terrorist acts against his homeland. He was speaking to an audience of — un-suspecting and mostly ignorant people — during what was dubbed DREAMWEEK 2020, an audience who probably could not pin point Rwanda on the world map.

Along with eight other patriotic Rwandans, we were there to make our presence known, but mostly to fact check this con man who has made a fortune from the genocide against Tutsi. As usual, Rusesabagina in his halting English was pontificating and fabricating facts about his alleged role in which it is alleged that he saved people.

Before we knew it we were surrounded by hired Security who are always present at his speaking engagements. Glad and enthusiastic about speaking to non-Rwandans, Rusesabagina has always been un-comfortable when there are Rwandans in the room.

The thorn in my side that day was when Rusesabagina referred to the returning Rwandan refugees after the fall of Kigali as “invaders” who came and “took our land and killed us.”

I have made it my business in the last fifteen years to follow Rusesabagina at his speaking engagements at University campuses and Civic Forums, if for no other reason be witness to continued, unabashed denial and negation of the genocide against Tutsi.

Rusesabagina declaring war on Rwanda

Rusesabagina’s ego has gone to his head that he fantasizes he is a true hero and legend in Rwanda’s history. He fabricates facts and distorts history without hesitation and never accepts unwritten questions from the audience lest he is exposed and run out of town.

But what will do him in is openly calling for violent, armed overthrow of a democratically elected government in Rwanda — a position and theory based on a disgusting genocidal theory, always compounding that by saying “My wife is Tutsi, so how can I be anti-Tutsi”. Those are not thoughts of a genius.

Rusesabagina Paul being led to the press briefing by RIB officials in Kigali, Rwanda

Rusesabagina has much to answer to, and if I were him I would put off any Christmas plans he had. It is gong to be a long stay in the country he has been colluding with other genocidaires to destroy for the last two decades. Karma is sweet.

The violent acts of the armed wing of MRCD (FLN) which he heads are well documented, and the blood they have shed and the wanton destruction of property since 2018 must not go unpunished.

The most vociferous witness against Rusesabagina is himself, on video and audio, openly calling for murder, mayhem and insurrection in a country healing from the worst genocide of modern times.

The other witness against Rusesabagina is his co-conspirator Faustin Twagiramungu, a man whose lips are dripping with hate and viciousness, also on tape confirming the charges against Rusesabagina. Reports out of Brussels allege Twagiramungu, like a motherless child has not stopped weeping since Rusesabagina was unceremoniously received in Kigali.

Rusesabagina’s apprehension sends a clear message to other similarly minded Rwandans bent on taking us back to the years of ethnic governance. Surely planning from the comfort of foreign capitals does not shield you from the long arm of the law. Ask Rusesabagina at Remera Police Station.

Bernard Makuza, Former Senate President

And the contention that he was kidnapped is utter nonsense. You cannot “kidnap” a terrorist or fugitive from justice. As Rusesabagina will soon confirm, his arrival in Kigali, much as he was not expected, was voluntary. And I don’t expect it to be the last.

The notion that because Rusesabagina holds Belgian citizenship he is immune from the laws of Rwanda is simply delusional. He is Rwandan, and his alleged crimes were committed in Rwanda, and that is where he should get his day in court.

Rusesabagina Paul getting of a Police Detainees Van in Kigali, Rwanda

These charges of terrorism may not be the last for this self-styled fake hero. The Rusesabagina Foundation, which has collected hundreds of money in charitable contributions, has in all probability used those funds to support FLN‘s terrorist campaign against Rwanda in violation of Federal laws and The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines.

Equally silly and laughable is the fact that foreigners will protect Rusesabagina, after all he is their creation. Ask Victoire Ingabire.

There is a price to betraying Rwanda, and those engaged in adventurous suicidal pursuits do so at their own peril.