Donald Trump’s presidency has been a disaster from the word go, and will go down as the worst in the history of this Republic thus far.

There is no moment Trump can ever rise to. He only sinks to his most base nature.

He lies with a straight face. He insults his opponents and reporters with equal zeal. He is a school yard bully who amuses himself with street-like behavior thus debasing his Office. America has never seen anything like this.

President Donald Trump

His handling of this pandemic is how he will be remembered. In a time of national crisis, Trump has failed the most basic test of leadership.

He finds satisfaction standing in front of cameras in the Rose Garden attacking the media, spreading disinformation without shame and sowing racism which appeals to his base of like-minded goons.

But this comes as no surprise: these have been the signature moves of his presidency. In normal times one would have dismissed his behavior and tantrums as behavior of an unhinged man. But in a pandemic this type of behavior is scary, divisive, destabilizing and un-presidential to say the least.

And all this makes many miss Barack Obama. No doubt he would have handled this pandemic somberly and with grace. He would have re-assured the nation and eased our distress.

From the beginning of his presidency, Trump abdicated the moral authority of his office. One wonders whether he knows that his moral compass is so hopelessly bent that there is no need to even try.

As the nation panics and isolates itself, to not have a President of good character adds to the nation’s anxiety. When numbers of new cases were rising and deaths were surging, Trump went playing golf.

And I hear he is not so good on the golf course either. He cheats and breaks every golf rule in the book, and claims to have won championships even when the record shows he never played on the day in question. The man is a serial liar.

Americans are scared shitless that toilet paper has become a rare commodity. I am not embellishing. The other day I spent two hours lining up in front of my local grocery store.

But it is comforting to see Americans, doctors, nurses and all other first responders putting themselves in harm’s way to save lives. Sadly, the commander-in-chief continues to engage in cheap and un-becoming behavior telling the nation that this is all a hoax. The bar of the most important job in the world has been lowered irreparably.

Day in and day out, we have watched Trump cheapen the presidency like no other President ever has. No surprise there. In a time of crisis a conman is not up for the task..

There is a national crisis, and for the president to be so ineffectual and dishonest is damning. This is what we have been subjected to for the last three years, from one drama to the next. And through it all Trump exhibits a smallness of character like no other president before him. Even Richard Nixon.

Trump’s mean streak is making the crisis worse. He still thinks he is still a TV talent show host instead of being the leader of the free world.

And nobody in the Trump corner has the balls to tell him that a virus is not something he can insult or lie his way out. This is all a matter of life and death.

In a mere ten days the economy cratered and Wall Street felt seismic shakes like never before. Trump ignored it all for months, telling the nation that it would go away, and he felt good about it. This is all on his shoulders.

The nation is on the brink, and how he handles the crisis is his test. But telling the nation that anyone who needs a test can get is not only a lie, but shamelessly irresponsible.

The country has gone through many crises in the last two decades and we have always come through fine. But Donald Trump’s toxic presidency has divided the country so deeply that we may never be the same again.

One thing is clear: Donald Trump is un-fit to be president and not capable of steering through the treacherous perilous months ahead.