OUT OF AFRICA – the good, the ugly and hopeful

OUT OF AFRICA – the good, the ugly and hopeful

“Only in Africa” was once a cliche, but times are changing, and fast. This was in reference to the incredibly bizarre stories spewing out of the continent that you did not see anywhere else. And there were no consequences, hence the dismissive perception that anything goes in Africa.

That was then.

In the era of social media and around the clock news broadcasts, and the newly found thirst for democratic governance across Africa, nothing goes without scrutiny. And that is a good thing.

StIck with me.

Lesotho’s First Lady Maesaiah Thabane (Net Photo)

In Lesotho the other day, the wife of the Prime Minister, First Lady Maesaiah Thabane (42) was arrested while trying to flee to South Africa and charged with the murder of the Prime Minister’s ex-wife, Lipolelo Thabane in 2017. Reportedly it was a messy parting of the hearts between the PM and his now deceased ex-wife.

Hold on : the Prime Minister, Thomas Thabane (80) was summoned to Police Headquarters for questioning about the murder, and a big dark gloomy cloud hangs over his head. Apparently his cell phone was used to communicate with the alleged hired assassins.

Since when did the police have the balls to summon a Head of State for questioning, later on in a murder investigation?

I am liking this.

In neighboring Malawi, the High Court has annulled their last elections, and President Peter Mutharika who has been in power since 2014 is singing the blues.

President Peter Muthalika (Net Photo)

Mutharika won by 38.5%, and opposition leader, Lazarus Chakwera came in second with 35.41%. The court ruled that new elections must be held in 150 days, thus weakening the power of incumbency.

The court also directed Parliament to consider recalling the current Electoral Commission to “ensure the smooth conduct of fresh elections.”

Jurisprudence in Malawi is alive and well, and the rest of Africa should take heed.

As I write this, Omar al-Bashir the former Sudanese strongman who mis-ruled Sudan from 1989 to 2019 languishes in prison. Surely his journey should end at The Hague.

Closer to home in my beloved Kigali, two ministers have fallen from grace un-ceremoniously, allegedly for bad behavior, and conduct un-becoming their positions.

Minister Evode Uwizeyimana is accused of shoving a female security guard to the ground for asking him to comply with security procedures before entering a public building. And she was simply doing her job, and probably not well compensated. What the hell was he thinking?

Evode Uwizeyimana & Isaac Munyakazi (Net Photo)

Minister Isaac Munyakazi is accused of allegedly promoting a school to the top 10 best performers without merit. If true, he did not merit his position, and resigning was the honorable thing to do.

There is a lesson here: nobody is above the law, and there are consequences to roguish behavior and corrupt intent.

Bobi Wine (Net Photo)

Across the border, poor Bobi Wine gets harassed and arrested, and allegedly tortured every time he holds a rally, a musical concert, or wears a red beret.

The wheels of justice in the Pearl of Africa seem to be flat.

All in all, there is hope on the continent, and we must no longer timidly accept the status quo. It is broken and in need of overhaul.

This is my opinion. What is yours?