If there was any doubt that Donald J. Trump is the worst president in American history, that was confirmed on January 6 — a day that will forever live in infamy.

In the words of President-elect Joe Biden, it was “one of the darkest days in the history of our nation.”

Biden went on to say, that day was “an assault on democracy … like few times we’ve ever seen it.”

Protesters incited by Donald Trump climbing the wall of the Capitol

As a mob of lawless, maskless white Trump supporters descended on the Capitol, fueled and encouraged by Trump’s baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen, America watched in shock as a sitting president attempted, in broad daylight to overthrow the will of the American people that on November 3 decided they had had enough of his mediocre presidency. It was one of the most grievous attacks on American democracy in recent memory.

But on January 5, the State of Georgia rushed to the rescue by electing two democratic Senators, thus giving the Democrats control of both Houses. This made history: a southern state sending a black man and a Jewish young reporter (33) to Congress.

Much is wrong with our Republic, but when one is about to give up hope and relegate us to the company of Banana Republics the will of the people kicks in.

In the end Trump cost Republicans the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. He single handedly made America great again.

Richard Nixon was a crook, but he had the presence of mind to do the right thing: he resigned instead of destroying the Republic and staining all the pillars of our democracy.

US President Donald Trump (Image courtesy of AFP)

On the other hand, Donald Trump is a selfish, egotistic, incompetent goon who should not have ever occupied the Oval Office. His turbulent four years in office will forever be an aberration in American history. One can only hope that we have all taken note, and learned a lesson not to repeat this.

As I write this, we have twelve more days to go before we un-ceremoniously bid a Reality TV Host goodbye. Trump’s election shocked millions across these United States. But, that more than 70 million Americans wanted a second Trump term is un-explainable. Frightening, and puzzling.

Donald Trump stands accused of sending rioters to the Capitol to over-ran the seat of the U.S. government. He is guilty of championing a feverish movement that propelled thousands of Americans to desecrate a pillar of our government through their paranoid devotion.

Many around Trump, most of whom until now had served their country with conviction and honor should bow their heads in shame for idly standing by and enabling Trump, a selfish and un-caring man to deface democracy and subverting our democratic values.

A protester inside Capitol

The shocking spectacle of January 6 should never be forgotten, and because of it, Donald J. Trump should never, ever be allowed to run for public office again. Not even as a Park Ranger.

In the words of Liz Cheney, a conservative Republican Congresswoman from the State of Wyoming, “There’s no doubt the president formed the mob.”

After he was coaxed into making a taped video to save face after the rioters breached security at the Capitol, all Trump could say was “I Love you.”

US President elect Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a good and decent man who run to save the soul of America. Much rides on his back. And with Kamala Harris, they reflect the character and face of America, and all that is good and decent about this Republic.

The damage Trump and his family have caused to this Republic may not be known in the foreseeable future. But it is enormous And goes beyond our borders. Like a mob boss, Trump prevailed over the greatest power in the world, and with his street manners and psychotic persona may have encouraged dictators and despots across the globe to hanker in. That is worrying and may last decades.

Come January 20 at 12:01 p.m., the nation will breathe a sigh of relief. It cannot come too soon.

Donald J. Trump, goodbye, and good riddance. And on your way out, take Mike Pence with you. You deserve one another.